Thursday, May 17, 2018

23-Change My View: Isolationism

We convene this week for another installment of Change My View where the fellas talk about the merits of Isolation vs. Intervention. From Bosnia to Syria they hem and haw about executive power and the will of the people in an all out struggle to change Theory’s view.


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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features



01:15-What Is Isolationism?

03:58-The Defense Budget

08:37-Protracted Occupations

18:02-Winning Hearts & Minds

28:12-Who’s Footing The Bill?

35:18-War Powers

45:00-What Do We Do?

51:13- Rip Van Beanz


Defense Budget


Iraq War

Invasion of Panama

Bosnian War

Somali Civil War

Desert Storm Trading Cards

Intercept Article On Drone Strikes

Powell Doctrine

Bush Doctrine

Battle of Mogadishu


U.S. U.N. Funding

U.S. NATO Funding

War Powers Resolution



No Fly Zones


Clinton State Dept. On Libya

Obama on Libya

He Kept Us Out Of War

U.S. and Military Isolationism








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