The Sense and Theory Podcast started as a response to the extremism, hyperbole, and team sports in political and social discussions that are drowning out reasonable voices.  Social media, the news, pop culture; everywhere you look it seems the landscape is rife with ideological battlegrounds and partisan death battles over everything from healthcare to kids cartoons.

So, the fellas wanted to reject that and build a space where it’s okay to disagree.  A place where positions are argued passionately and minds are potentially changed without vitriol or a loss of respect for the other side. This show is not here to tell you what to think, but to unpack and sort through the challenges of modern life together.


With a life story that reads like a Tom Robbins novel, Sense clearly grew up in the wrong generation. After dropping out of high school to wander in search of truth, love, and the answers to life’s hardest questions, he landed back at the beginning of his story to find them all at home.  He spends his days doing all of the things he thought he never would; teaching his children how to approach a complex world, learning how to be an equal partner in love and mastering the art of living with “just enough”. Too far left for the right and too far right for the left he is a veritable Schrodinger’s constituent.


Theory is a 35 yr old maintenance tech and father of two. If left to his own devices he would pass his days reading books on american history, the Kennedy assassination, and every comic book he could find. A reformed democrat and conspiracy theorist, he finds himself somewhere between a centrist and a libertarian these days depending on which side of the bed he woke up on. Theory considers the band U2 to be one of the most savage acts of depravity ever unleashed on western civilization and perhaps the world. Uno, dos, tres, catorce indeed.


We are contractually obligated to state that “Fact Checker Extraordinaire and World-Class Producer”™ Beanzo is the rock upon which this show was founded. We must also state that neither Sense nor Theory could even record a cold open without the “Mean Beanz Machine’s”™ keen ear for perfection and nigh supernatural editing abilities. However, Beanzo’s contract did not stipulate the format in which these statements would be presented.

What Are People Saying About Us?

I can’t tell you enough

I can’t tell you enough how refreshing it is to have found a source of political media that cuts out the polarized bias and bull****. I found their podcast while looking for an alternative source of news and political discussion for my father and I. He’d abandoned Fox News and similar outlets after being too fed up with the misinformation and bias, and I took advantage of that and tried my best to find something from a reasonable, non-divisive perspective that we could *both* listen to and discuss. If you’re in a similar situation, look no further. Sense and Theory are your guys.

Jason E Kolasinski

If you’re tired of listening

If you’re tired of listening to the screaming heads discuss politics, Sense & Theory is the podcast for you. Thanks for the thoughtful, intelligent, rational discussion about current issues such as immigration.

Sheri Wood

Allen Riggs

It’s nice to see these guys trying to encourage open conversation about politics. In a time where voices are far too often drowned out by opposing views, this podcast is urging people to stop, think, and engage in friendly debate. Throw in a pinch of comedy, and you’ve got podcast gold.


Catherine Jydstrup

I just caught up with this show! They’re producing new stuff all the time, so check them out when they show up in your feed for a fresh angle!



These guys are down to earth. They speak in english and approach each topic from multiple angles. No ranting or other BS. Try to get their facts straight and tell you when they didn’t.