Sunday, September 17, 2017

1 – Who are these guys?


In the inaugural episode Sense and Theory introduce themselves and discuss everything from Captain Planet and Single Payer to polarization and VR porn. The fellas share their political views and discuss what they think are the biggest challenges to meaningful discourse today.

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Intro/Outro music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features

Time Stamps:

01:52-who are we and why were here

10:37-political evolution

20:40-false equivalencies & polarization

33:25- principles vs. practicalities

40:30- being an adult & porn

45:30- religion

52:30- moral panics & pop culture


3 thoughts on “1 – Who are these guys?”

  1. Just found you guys. I’m already hooked. I have now subscribed on iTunes, and CastBox. FYI, I love the fact y’all don’t over cuss. Seems like a lot of podcast/people now over cuss.

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