Thursday, February 15, 2018

Heroin & Opioids: The Long Dark Road

To mark their 10th episode, Sense & Theory (for the first time ever), invite a very special guest to sit in on a very difficult subject. From pain pills to fentanyl the fellas take on the epidemic that’s gripping the nation and destroying countless lives around the world.


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Intro | Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features

Time Stamps

02:45- Who the hell does Heroin?

08:25- The scale of the epidemic

17:56- Scoring a fix

22:25-Life on Dope

36:00- Getting Clean & Enabling

53:04- The Aftermath

62:25- What can we do?



Sources Lethal dose of fentanyl Death by Fentanyl Heroin (e) Beshear lawsuit Over the Rhine Over the Rhine making a comeback Fentanyl Bust *Theory just wants to make sure everyone knows Beanz was wrong. It was 10 million, not 100. Ha! West Virginia Pill Count *Beanzo would like to note that 2.4 ain’t 20.8 either Theory, piss off!

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