Thursday, March 22, 2018

15-Change My View: Bigfoot


Sense and Theory put their money where their mouth is this week in a departure from their usual format. Can disagreements be amicable? Can viewpoints evolve? Is Bigfoot real?  Find out what the fellas think in the shows first installment of Change My View.

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Intro | Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features


01:00- Updates

06:17- Change My View

10:57- Where Is Bigfoot?

15:22- The Fossil Record

20:36- Patterson-Gimlin Film

32:10- Inconsistencies In The Evidence

35:15- Bigfoot Tracks

44:50- The Verdict

52:30- The Decider




Change My View Subreddit

Patterson-Gimlin Film

Planet Of The Apes (1967)

Phillip Morris Suit (Body)

Phillip Morris Suit (Head)

Phillip Morris Suit

Bigfoot Archive

Dr. Meldrum Site

Meldrum Study

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