Thursday, April 12, 2018

18-Policing In America


Sense and Theory take an in depth look at policing this week. Civil forfeiture, racial bias, no knock raids, and militarization are all on the table as the fellas try to figure out how we strike a balance between liberty and security.


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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features



01:22-When Did Police Lose Our Trust?

13:45-Police Corruption

25:26-Civil Forfeiture

36:10-No Knock Raids

46:46-Police Militarization

57:30-Military Vets As Police

65:05-Adrenaline And Police Work

71:15-Cops And Racism

86:22-How Do We Fix It?

93:37-Officer Beanzo


Rodney King

Police More Dangerous Than Airplanes

Corruption in the U.S.A.

Cops As Criminals Stats

Police Corruption Study

Corruption Research Guide

Cops Being Arrested

Charges for Police Killings

Low Conviction Rates

Civil Forfeiture

Mr. Eh Wah

Bennis v Michigan

No Knocks

Mo No Knocks

No Knocks Pt. 3

I Can’t Believe Its More No Knocks

Legal No Knocks

Supreme No Knocks

Should’ve Knocked

No, Really

It’s Dangerous

Militarizing Police

War Comes Home

Military Gear Leads To Violence

Vets As Cops

Hiring Vets

Rules of Engagement

They Fired This Guy

Adrenaline Rush

Stress And Fatigue

Foot Pursuit

3hr Pursuit

Police Deaths Down

Louisville Police Chief

Rolando Fryer

Criticism of Fryer

Peer Review?


Removing Biased Officers






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