Thursday, May 24, 2018

Incels: The Man In The Mirror

Sense & Theory take an in depth look at the incel community in light of the recent attack in Toronto and ensuing media coverage. Is the black pill the gateway drug to violent misogyny and terrorism or the hard truth we find too bitter to swallow?

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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features


01:02-Whats an Incel?

06:16-Incel Terrorism

11:15-Whats The Media Say?

19:02-What Do The Incels Say?

27:22-Survey Says!

35:48-The Black Pill

44:15-Dating Apps & Hookup Culture

53:20-The Elephant In The Room

71:54-What Did We Learn?

84:38-The Beanz Pill

Sources Alana Elliot Rodgers Rodgers Manifesto Toronto Attack Incels Worse Than MRA’s Incels Are Terrorists FAQ Excellent Summary of The Black Pill The Beauty Premium Higher Callbacks For Attractive People Pretty CEO=Higher Stocks Loneliness Deadlier Than Obesity The Rage Of Incels It’s Ideaologically Consistent They’d Be Funny If They Weren’t All Murderers Why Does This Only Apply To Incels? Ross Douthat Holding Up A Mirror Incels, Facists, And Terrorists Oh My! Overcoming Discrimination? No Sweat! We Swear They’re All White And Alt Right The Most Intellectually Dishonest Piece On Incels.   And a special thank you to all the members of who helped us with this episode.              

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