Thursday, May 31, 2018

Two Crickets To Paradise

S-Dawg and T-Roy lighten things up this week with another grab bag episode. Facebook and privacy? Check. Mysterious sound weapons? The fellas got you covered. Cocaine and quails???…..Tune in for a wild episode!


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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features




03:33-Got Milk?

11:18-Eat What Thou Wilt

17:15-Wichita Swatting

28:09-Rails 4 Quails

32:20-No Smoking Please

41:30-In Facebook We Trust

52:00-Can You Hear Me Now?

56:03-Caller #9 gets a lifetime supply of crickets

Sources Samsquanch Uh…Bugs? Yeah Bugs Bacon Will Kill You! Snowpiercer Wichita Swatting Wichita Swat Is Lit AF Fly Little Quail HUD Smoking Ban Facebook Is Always Watching Sound Weapons? Yeah Sound Weapons          

2 thoughts on “Two Crickets To Paradise”

  1. Would like to hear a follow-up on the Cocaine Quail bit. Are they going to have a taxpayer funded rehabilitation for the birds? PETA OK with this? Insane study at an accredited university while, as you mentioned, KY is financially unstable and broke. Shouldn’t UK be researching something worth spending money on? Other universities conducting worse studies with worthless data and why? Guys keep up the good work. New listener hear but very supportive!!😎👍❤

    1. Thanks for listening Jessica. I think we all know who snorted that blow. Might be a few researchers who need rehab, those quails just need to be released!



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