Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Flawed Messenger

How often do we let our biases about a person influence our willingness to listen to them? How easily do we stereotype folks based on a single statement? The answers to these questions and a definitive statement on the morality of dog kicking this week on The Sense & Theory Podcast!


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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features



01:21-The King’ s Dilemma

08:00-Vive Le Nuance!

11:10-Only The Lonely

16:20-The Spiral Of Silence

21:45-What We Normalize In The Shadows

31:10-Dog Whistles Everywhere!

37:18-Yeezus Christ

51:39-Astonishing Beanz #1

Sources We’re Killing Us Isolation Is Killing Us Loneliness too Spiral Of Silence States Rights As A Dog Whistle Kanye Said What? Again?

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