Thursday, July 26, 2018

33 – High Crimes and Treeson


In their never ending quest to find common ground (and the perfect snack food) Sense & Theory take a look at America’s marijuana prohibition. From Reefer Madness to States Rights and CBD oil to the Justice System, the fellas leave no bowl uncashed.

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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features


01:15-Buzzkill Harry

08:49-The Scales of Justice

13:30-Scheduling Conflicts

22:05-The 10th Amendment Blues

32:47-The Costs and “Benefits” of Prohibition

46:30-The “Costs” and Benefits of Legalization


66:38-Dr. Beanzthumb



Crime Clearance Since Legalization 

Opiate Use Down After Legalization 

Weed & Cancer

Racial Bias in Arrests

Colorado Economic Impact

More Economic Impact

The Worlds BIGGEST Kush Blunt!

Alt Right & BLM Smoke Together

Drug Testing Industry

Drug War Stats

Probation in the U.S.

Alcohol Sales Decrease

Cory Booker’s Bill

Weed & Mass Incarceration





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