Thursday, August 2, 2018

34 – The Right Stuff


This week the fellas turn their sights towards the GOP.  Did Trump commit treason in Helsinki? Are efforts by conservatives to secure free speech misguided? Is Russian collusion a big nothing-burger? What will you do when you’re facing 15 years for protesting against the Trump admin?  Listen in as we try to wrap our heads around the big questions.

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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features



04:50-All Helsinki Breaks Loose

16:15-Manafort In The Study With The Candlestick

38:00-Tariffs & Sticks

48:05-Overcorrecting For Dummies

68:09-Unmasking Antifa

72:55-Trojan Beanz


Helsinki Transcript

Helsinki Coverage

You Want More Though

Well We Deliver

Almost To The Point

Of Excess

Tracking The Russia Investigation

12 Indictments

Maria Butina

Paul Manafort

Michael Flynn

Tariff Them, All Of Them

Tariff Pushback

Tariff Tracker ’18

Oops! Whirlpool Edition

FIRE Database

Goldwater Institute Model Legislation

Unmasking Antifa






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