Thursday, September 6, 2018

Forgotten Flint

This week Sense & Theory try to shine the spotlight back on the Flint Water Crisis. The fellas lay out the whole timeline then talk about what action has been taken and what’s still left to do.


To help the people in Michigan and Puerto Rico who are still struggling whether the cameras are there or not.

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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features


04:55-The Story Begins

17:26-Ms. Walter’s Water

25:40-Del Toral & The EPA

34:10-The Total Failure Of The MDEQ & Rick Snyder

44:22-The State Of Flint’s Emergency


64:16-Racism & The Water Crisis

72:33-Final Thoughts

77:00-Complementary Beanz


Timeline Mother Jones

Timeline Wikipedia

Emergency Managers

Flint Emergency Managers

Mrs. Walters

Del Toral



Media Coverage

Bottled Water

Bottled Water 2

It Ain’t Over

It Ain’t Over 2


Stay Tuned

Health Effects

Civil Rights Commission On Racism









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