Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fake News!: Journalism, Bias, & Trump

The fellas take a deep dive on media bias in the age of Trump. Emotive conjugation, Russia, and The Mooch! …and not a paywall in sight!

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Intro/outro music- Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features

Time Stamps:

01:15- media bias in history

09:46- media bias today

16:36- Russell Conjugates & Selection Bias

23:50- headlines

28:00- social media & dopamine

33:30- fake news & the Iraq war

38:23- Russia & The election

50:30- the associated press

61:17- what do we do?

65:30- Beanzo has the Scoop!


National Guard AP

The Great Clamp Down

Debate questions

gun law

Ice raids

Tapper, Trump, Canada

FSB sanctions

Voter Fraud

Solid collection

Trump Hangs Up

Russell Conjugation

Media Bias


History of the Press

Fox lies about Obama

Russia – Electric Grid

Russian bank, secret service


Pew state of the media

Opinion dominates news

Social Media Dopamine High



War Made Easy –

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