Thursday, September 13, 2018

Regulators, Mount Up!

Sense & Theory take a look at regulation this week. From regulatory capture to occupational licensing the fellas delve into areas where regulation (or the lack thereof) has shifted from a tool that serves all to a scam that enriches a few.

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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features



02:00-Regulation Vs. Deregulation

19:18-Regulatory Capture

39:53-Car Dealerships

53:37-Trucker Clocks

59:35-Occupational Licensing

68:20-Who Benefits?

71:09-Beanzo G


Over Regulated America



The Cost Of EPA Regulation

Silly Regulations

More Silly Regulation

I Can Keep Going

Regulatory Capture

How Its Morphed

The Nature Of Regulatory Capture

Tim Longenmeyer

Clinton Speeches

Bob Menendez

Revolving Door

Pruitt’s EPA

FAA Corruption

Car Dealerships

Where Do Dealerships Make Money?

Dealerships Bad For Innovation

We All Hate Em!

Of Trucks & Clocks

Occupational Licensing

Silly Occupational Licensing

Hair Braiding

Who Benefits?




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