Thursday, May 9, 2019

Bad Religion

This week Sense & Theory discuss our struggles both home and abroad with religious extremism. By looking closely at Christianity and Islam the fellas search for the balance between promoting religious tolerance, demanding moderation, and maintaining the separation of church and state in the face of religious majorities.

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Intro|Outro Music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features

Christianity and Islam

UNICEF on Child Marriage

Child Marriage in the U.S.

Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Conversion Therapy

Human Rights Council On LGBTQ Hate Crimes

Anti LGBTQ Hate Crimes On The Rise

Jihad on Homosexuals

Modesty Culture In Muslim Countries

Modesty Culture In Christianity

Christian Terrorism

Islam vs. Islamism

Religion In Congress

In God We Trust

The Lemon Test

School Prayer

Sodomy Laws


Saudi Arabian Legal System

Muslims For Progressive Values

Islamic Law By Country

Pew Polls of Muslims

Pew Poll of Muslims About Sharia

Muslim Statistics on Sharia



U.K. Child Grooming Rings

Conspiracy Of Silence

Muslim Moderation

More Muslim Moderation



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