Thursday, July 4, 2019

Iran So Far Away

As America edges ever closer to a third Middle Eastern war, Sense and Theory take a look back at the last 70 years of U.S.-Iranian relations to determine where things went wrong. From the 1953 Coup to the “Axis of Evil” speech through the Nuclear Deal and beyond, the fellas lay out where we’ve been to keep us from blindly stumbling to where we’re going.

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New Sanctions On Iran

Iran’s Options In Standoff

Iran Threatens Nuclear Deal Breach

Iran Speeds Up Enrichment, U.S. Sends Troops

U.S. Strikes Iranian Computers

Iran Denies Responsibility For Tanker Attacks

Iran Shoots Down U.S. Drone

Iran Claims U.S. Botched Cyber Attacks

BBC U.S.-Iran Relations Timeline

U.S.-Iran Relations Wiki

Uranium Enrichment

Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities

“Axis Of Evil” Speech Fallout

More “Axis Of Evil” Speech Fallout

Post ’79 Diplomacy

Death to America

The Nuclear Deal

Politico Investigates Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Chief Admits They Had Backup Parts

Shielding Hezbollah From DEA

German Intel On Iran Black Market Inquiries



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