Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bonus Round!

Here’s a sneak peek at the type of bonus content you can gain access to on our Patreon page. In this episode Sense, Theory, and Beanzo discuss the recent Equifax settlement and what the ramifications are for any of the 147 million people affected who choose to accept the deal. In other words…OPT OUT!

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Check if you were affected by the breach here.

From Equifax on how and why to opt out:

IMPORTANT: You will be bound by the terms of the Settlement Agreement unless you submit a timely and signed written request to be excluded from the settlement. To exclude yourself from the settlement you must mail a “request for exclusion,” postmarked no later than 11/19/2019, to:

Equifax Data Breach Class Action Settlement Administrator
Attn: Exclusion
c/o JND Legal Administration
P.O. Box 91318
Seattle, WA 98111-9418

This statement must contain the following information:

The name of this proceeding (In re: Equifax Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, Case No. 1:17-md-2800-TWT, or similar identifying words such as “Equifax Data Breach Lawsuit”);
Your full name;
Your current address;
The words “Request for Exclusion” at the top of the document or a statement that you do not wish to participate in the settlement; and
Your signature.

If you do not comply with these procedures and the deadline for exclusions, you will lose any opportunity to exclude yourself from the settlement class, and your rights will be determined in this lawsuit by the Settlement Agreement if it is approved by the Court, and you may not recover under any other settlement agreement regarding the claims released as part of the settlement.

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