Thursday, February 1, 2018

Postmodernism, Social Justice, & Jordan Peterson

Sense & Theory run head first into postmodernism this week. Yeeeeehaawww! Objective vs. Subjective, racism, Jordan Peterson, gender pronouns. Tune in and hear the fellas display their tenuous grasp on a deep and complex philisophical movement!

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Intro/outro music: Chris Farley’s Ghost by Ghost Features

Time Stamps:

04:57-What is postmodernism?

17:32-postmodernism in the university

25:00- summarize the abstract!

38:49- the redefinition of racism

50:35- race as a social construct

55:32- Jordan Peterson & gender pronouns

68:00- a modest suggestion

73:00- a Beanzo in crisis


Dr. Layman


Truth & postmodernism

Steven Hicks

Noam Chomsky

Pomona college

Alan Sokal

New Real Peer Review

Jordan Peterson

Gender pronouns

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