An Open Letter to All Voting Citizens of America

Hey Folks, the cornerstone of our show is finding common ground that brings us together and we believe it’s high time to set aside our political differences and start setting things to rights.

As many of you know, Senator Elizabeth Warren has recently introduced the Anti Corruption and Public integrity Act; A well written, concise, and comprehensive bill that addresses the influence of money in politics.

We know that meaningful change can’t and won’t happen until we demand that our politicians GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. The most popular candidates in the 2016 election all agreed that lobbyists and big money influence are bad for our government and bad for our citizens. Bernie and the 1%… Trump draining the swamp… If ever there were a bi-partisan issue that deserved your attention, THIS ONE IS IT.

Join us in raising our voices together to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Whether your chief concern is border security, gun regulation, the environment, or taxes; meaningful and lasting solutions will continue to elude us if we allow our government to serve themselves over the people they represent. We know its hard not to be cynical in today’s political landscape, but please read this summary. The provisions in this bill address issues we’ve bemoaned as a populace for generations. So lets TAKE A STAND help to create MEANINGFUL CHANGE!

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with the bill further, we would like to invite you personally to listen to Episode 55 where we discuss it’s provisions in detail (but also in plain English). We hope it will inspire the same excitement and resolve in you as it has in us. Furthermore, we hope you’ll help us bring this bill to the forefront of the conversation.

Please use the form below to contact your representatives and let them know that you want to see the Anti Corruption and Public integrity Act pass.

[CongressLookup id=”20190314080627″]

Below is a sample script for contacting your represenatives:

Hello, I am a voter and a constituent and removing money from politics is a high priority for me.

My address is _______________ and my zip code is ______________

I want Represenative/Senator _____________ to do everything in their power to enact The Anti Corruption and Public integrity Act.

This bill is very important to me because curtailing the power of lobbyists and establishing strong ethics laws for government is the first step in fixing our broken democracy.

Thank you for your time.