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About The Sense and Theory Podcast

The Sense and Theory Podcast started as a response to the extremism, hyperbole, and team sports in political and social discussions that are drowning out reasonable voices.  Social media, the news, pop culture; everywhere you look it seems the landscape is rife with ideological battlegrounds and partisan death battles over everything from healthcare to kids cartoons.

So, the fellas wanted to reject that and build a place where it’s okay to disagree.  A place where positions are argued passionately and minds are potentially changed without vitriol or a loss of respect for the other side. This show is not here to tell you what to think, but to unpack and sort through the challenges of modern life together.

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When/Where to find us: We release new episodes Thursdays at 12:01 AM (US EST, UTC -5). Listen to The Sense and Theory Podcast at our website or on your favorite Podcast app (Stitcher, Podcast Addict, iTunes, etc.).



Twitter: @sensetheorypod