Vote Lexington!

Informed and engaged voters are the lifeblood of a healthy and thriving Republic. Real and lasting change has to begin from the ground up to take root and grow. To that end, while our show tends to mostly cover politics at the national level, we’ve spent the last few months polling citizens here in our hometown of Lexington, Ky in order to find out what issues matter to them. We used those responses to compose a questionnaire for the two Mayoral candidates in Lexington’s upcoming mayoral election: Linda Gorton and Ronnie Bastin.

Our hope is that these answers will help Lexington voters make a more educated decision on November 6th. This is not the first questionnaire these candidates have answered this election cycle and we encourage all Lexington voters to read over the others as well. However,we feel that this series of questions is unique in that it was largely written and informed by the viewpoints and concerns of random everyday citizens of the city of Lexington.

Our Survey at A Glance

0 %
of respondents characterized themselves as likely to vote in the upcoming election
0 %
said they maintained a strong interest in local politics

The top 3 issues that our respondents rated “Very Important” were:

Education, Racism and The Opioid Epidemic

The most frequently suggested topics not listed on our survey:

Marijuana Legalization, Homelessness, and Bike Lanes

Make an Informed Decision

Voters will have more on their plate on November, 6th than just the mayoral race. Here are a list of tools and resources to help you make an informed decision. publishes information about money in politics. Hit the link and check out how much money is spent in District 6 alone! publishes all kinds of information about candidates. Wonder if your pick is endorsed by the NRA? Hit the link!

Kentuckians for The Commonwealth

KFTC publishes an annual voting guide with a wealth of information on candidates.

Fayette Alliance

Fayette Alliance publishes an annual voter guide with a focus on land use, infill and re-development.

We’d like to thank all the respondents, listeners, and volunteers who gave us their input or otherwise helped put this together as well as the candidates who took time to answer in the midst of a busy campaign. Regardless of who Lexington ultimately chooses on November 6th, we hope all registered voters take the time to consider their choices carefully and exercise their right to vote!